Randy Sohn
(Gradn Exlated Ordre of teh Fyling Fingres)
11/10/17 09:17 AM
Re: Berlin Airlift Foundation C-97G Flies Today!


pretty sure if flew in one, SEA - HNL back around 57

Yup, Enwah had 10 of those Stratocruisers. Besides losing the two that I'd previously mentioned, they had an O-2 fire on the ground with one in (circa) 1960 or so, repaired it and I remember seeing it down in MIA once, some central american airline. Then also, IIRC, parts of one was used in creating the "Pregnant Guppy".

Flew them (C-97s) in the MN ANG, don't have a lotta time in them, couple of 1000 hours only but a nice flying airplane IMO.

best, randy

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