Terry Carraway
(Top Gun)
11/10/17 08:54 AM
Re: Berlin Airlift Foundation C-97G Flies Today!



I've seen figures of 2-3 gallons per hour for the 4360's, depending on engine hours.

Hi Ralph,

I worked on KC-97Gs up at Pease AFB back in 1963/64. Tell ya what . . . get about a dozen of those cranked up at one time on a SAC alert and we probably didn’t have a mosquito problem for a while afterword. T’was an impressive amount of smoke.

I expect oil was brought in, not by the can, not by the barrel, but by tanker truck.

Tom Charlton

I remember talking to the pilot of one of the civilian owned A-1 Skyraiders. He was burning 8 gallons per hour. Of oil. He carried a 55 gallon drum in the lower crew area.

My best friend through UPT had been prior enlisted, and a crew chief on a C-131 (Convair 240 piston). He commented that they would pour a LOT of 1 quart cans to fill the oil tanks.

One trip, they were at a Navy base. And a small tanker truck pulled up. And he told them, they had already been fueled. They driver said no, this was the OIL truck. Se they topped off the oils tanks, the easy way.

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