Richard Duxbury (Dux)
(Top Gun)
11/09/17 10:52 AM
Re: Berlin Airlift Foundation C-97G Flies Today!

Yep, recip oil was indeed very thick and in MSP trying to start those P-2V 3350's when it was well below zero was very hard work on the starters and crews. I think we had about 70 gallon tanks per engine. Yes, sometimes we would shut down the engines with oil delution (gas)-we did not have enough hanger space or engine heaters. It was an approved Lockheed procedure -but some of our engine mechanics did not like the idea.

Flash forward to Northwest 747 with JT-9D engines. They carried 8 gallon tanks (very thin oil), and we could depart with just over 4 gallons. Never burned much oil at all.


Dux -only use Mobil One oil for all my cars.

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