Randy Sohn
(Gradn Exlated Ordre of teh Fyling Fingres)
11/07/17 11:05 PM
Re: Berlin Airlift Foundation C-97G Flies Today!


with 224 spark plugs...;-)

Chuckle, made me recall once when we were doing an airshow down in Monterey, Mexico. Had the B-29 there and after one pass Carl and Gerald were flying on my wing with two Messerscmidts, Gerald was singing on the VHF while doing an Immelmann - "Here's to the B29, Randy and Vic say it's just fine, with 72 jugs and 144 plugs, and they're changin' them all of the time".

See'n that video of the 97 made me recall some interesting flights when we had them in the MSP Air Guard. Smooth running airplane, as you say 28 cylinder R-4360s, smooth running airplane (and 7790 gallons of fuel). I see that Tim's/BAHF airplane is 595, when I was at Offutt AFB Gen. LeMay's airplane was 593 and Gen. Griswold's was 596.

best, randy

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