Randy Sohn
(Gradn Exlated Ordre of teh Fyling Fingres)
10/27/16 01:36 PM
Re: Not A Cheap Cub, By Any Means


Still painted Aeronca C-3 yellow...

Chuckle, concur! Rickoshay, you made me think way back m-a-n-y years ago to the mid-fifties when I was instructing in B-25s at Reese at Lubbock, TX. Good chum of ours (together we'd formed EAA Chap. #19) had an old Aeronca C-3 (chuckle, "Flying Bathtub") in his hangar out at Muny. So we covered it and got it flyable, covered it with brand new aluminum colored fabric and then painted a multiplicity of various colored patches all over it - red, blue, yellow, denim, brown, green, etc. and then painted black stitching marks on the patches edges. We called that airplane "Ole Patches" and visited about every flying breakfast in that part of the country. IIRC, only had one mag, switch read OFF or ON. I remember landing it out in a cow pasture once and stuck my head out to the left to be able to look ahead under that two cylinder 36 HP E-113C engine's left jug. Oops! Fresh cow-patty, ran over it, tire threw it all over my face, splat!

best, randy

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