Richard Duxbury (Dux)
(Top Gun)
04/26/16 12:23 AM
Re: A-10 Video


Yes, it's a obvious fact that the F-35 cannot do anything like the A-10 in terms of ground support. A big "duh" for the top brass and the Military industrial complex and the money for so many congressional districts.

I don't think the USAF top folks ever liked the A-10. Not sure they wanted that much direct ground support and would rather fly fighters and big bombers.

We love them in Tucson -quiet, fun to watch, already have new wings, old gun works just fine as well as the engines.

I still think much of the F-35 program is military -industrial-political stuff for a C- airframe and perhaps D grade mission performance.

OK, so we have to move forward with this -too much money and congressional districts even with a vastly overpriced warplane. Sigh.



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