Randy Sohn
(Gradn Exlated Ordre of teh Fyling Fingres)
08/05/14 09:03 PM
Re: The Fairchild T-46A - What Happened?


So the pilot's throttles and FE's throttles move in opposite directions relative

Unh, yeah, push forward to increase the MP, conventional. Strange tho is that the throttles for the pilot and the co-pilot are on their outboards (under the side windows). Vic told me that by the time they'd built just a couple of airplanes they already knew that they'd screwed up by having the F/E facing backward - but by then it was it was already too late to change. The F/E's controls are backward from what we're used to, they wanted them to be sorta coupled/connected/indicative to the engines seen out the window (4-3-2-1). That's why I've never favored checking out pilots as the F/Es, better in my mind to have engineers who don't have a preconceived thought of 1-2-3-4. Also the mixture full rich by pulling it all the way towards you, I did get a F/E's series of prop switches for the prop controls, the production airplanes did not have that, the prop step head switches only on the pilots's console panel. Vic gave me low lights (about 1100 RPM) on short final once when I'd called for high lights and I barely kept the airplane from scuttling off to the side of the runway at HRL with Axel Wars flying it. Good ole days! <g>

Also, that reminded me of those T-6s from the movie Tora-Tora that Jerry Weeks had donated to us in the CAF and that ultimately formed the CAF Tora-Tora deal. French types (NOW I know) with the throttle quadrant stuff reversed. I tried and tried to keep one running when I put the mixture in RICH at West Memphis and couldn't, quit every time, I went inside the FBO and called Rolling Fork and got either "Buck" Rodgers or Dudley Johnston at South Delta Dusters and told him it wouldn't keep running. He listened and then told me to "just put the d--- mixture in the middle position, they run too d--- rich anyhow and get those d---ed things out'a there quick before he changes his mind".

best, randy

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