Jack E. Hammond
(AVSIG Member)
04/14/12 03:47 AM
The AgustaWestland AW609 and the lesson


Many of you will disagree, but the US share of the civilian helicopter market is fast slipping. The main reason is the US aerospace industry does not want it. They want the big money that can come from pumped up -- ever notice US aerospace ads have a lot of red, white and blue and cammie in them -- military aerospace contracts. They don't even want the civilian market that comes from advance VTOL technology which the US government financed to R&D from the XV-15 to the MV-22. Remember when they were having the dispute over the MV-22 cost and Bell Helicopter was touting the jobs that would be created with civilian versions of the MV-22 or smaller spin offs. Well Mayor Bloomberg has first dips on a civilian version of the MV-22. But it ain't going to be built in the USA. Boeing and Bell Helicopter could care less about jobs as long as they get the royalties. What gets me is that we basically financed everything. But US defense firms handle the US taxes payer in a way that reminds me of my nephews small dog and treats. That dog will but a gut over not getting a treat but the promise of one. If you have a chance read this article on the AW609 civilian tiltrotor all the way to its sorry conclusion with the paragraph below.

Jack E. Hammond


The ownership transaction was completed in November 2011 after all legal and regulatory approvals were in hand. At that time, AgustaWestland said it will build two more prototypes to complete the flight tests and achieve civil certification "in late 2015, early 2016".


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