J. Wiley
(Aviation Researcher)
07/28/09 09:20 AM
Re: The Fairchild T-46A - What Happened?


Dear John,

It would have seem the problem with the ejection seats could have been handle fairly easy -- ie new ejection seats. But the problem of the pressurization to operate at 47,000 feet and a higher transit speed is a different issue.

I don't think the T-46 would have gone to 47k. The highest I ever got the -38 was in the low/mid 50s and that was a zoom climb that left me with a glider until I got back into the mid 20s.

And retrofitting a seat would not be easy or without considerable costs. The -37s ejection seat was a 37mm shell which kicked your *ss.


Finally, why did Fairchild design a totally new plane and just not contact Saab and co develop a version of the SAAB-105, which is the T-46A looks and awful lot alike. <GRIN> The SAAB-105 is one of the better jet trainers, only came to late and from the wrong country.

Jack E. Hammond


I got to fly the -105 in Sweden with one of the Saab pilots. (wish it had been the one made in Farmingdale but this one was made in Linkoping). Anyway, it was a very docile and sweet handling little bird. We went on a low level cross country with us going in the back door and out the front door of some of the red topped Swedish homes in the country. We were down in the dirt. The Swedes pride themselves on their low level flying and from my short flight, I can see why.

We did a number of patterns before calling it a day and it was an enjoyable flight. I still have the gold squadron scarf they gave me as a token of the flight. Thanks for reminding me of that time, Jack. Thanks...

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