J. Wiley
(Aviation Researcher)
07/27/09 09:08 PM
Re: The Fairchild T-46A - What Happened?



This is the one with the single tail. That was the third, if I have it correct, bird. The first two came with twin tails like the -24.

I went and got my notes from the Air and Space library along with the B-32 flight manual. (Yes I know.. who else would pay for that stuff.. sick and can't help it.. a syndrome no doubt)

I had forgotten the trim for the elevator and ailerons worked in the opposite direction of other airplanes. On the mixture, full forward was CUT-OFF and full aft was AUTO-RICH. The flaps switch was three position (up, off and down) and there were two switches, one for inboard and one for outboard flaps. The switch moved left right instead of up-down. ?? also, to raise the gear, you pushed a button which released a lock which allowed you to raise the gear with another handle and then another switch closed the gear doors. ?? 3 steps for raising/lowering the gear. Huh???

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