J. Wiley
(Aviation Researcher)
07/27/09 04:31 PM
Re: The Fairchild T-46A - What Happened?


Considering the cooling problems they had with the R-3350's, I'd think that could come in handy.

Too complex and a single switch worked better. The crews found it a problem in flight test.


I thought that decision was made as soon as the B-29 was selected as primary, as a low-tech fallback in case the B-29's pressurization and remote turrets didn't work out.

In a way you are correct but the ORIGINAL airplane was to have pressurization just like the -29. And as you have noted, they decided after the -29 experience that the -32 didn't need the complex remote turrets.

The -32, as most here know, is unique in many ways. The last combat sortie in the Pacific, last aerial engagement with 2 Japanese fighters claimed, the last airman killed in the Pacific and one of the few airplanes where NONE are left. ALL cut up and destroyed.

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