Zanin Anton
(Public Guest)
10/26/08 06:27 AM
Re: Using a helicopter as a ground attack bomber

Dear Jack, i don't know exactly. It could to happen because of many various circumstances. Low of fuel, pilots suspects SAM and Flak fire, or something another. I don't know details.

I had to watch full version of that movie, and as i remember finaly some of terrorists from that camp was detended alive and an Mi-17 was sent to evacuate them. Situation wasn't critical for Russian troops so they could to wait some.
As i understood that's video of guys who worked from Kyizilyurt (Dagestan district) and i know nobody from that airmobile brigade that worked from there (actually i even dont know where from that guys was transfered). Airmobile brigade where i served worked from "another side" - from Zladikavkaz (territory of Ossetia).

Of cause Mi-24 can to take some soldiers on board (hehe... practice shows even 16 of soldiers can to "press themselves" inside), but pilots of Mi-24 prefers to don't land without really serious reasons. It's because of construction specifics of Mi-24. Mostly Mi-17 exists for evacuation and landings - Mi-24 mostly exists in this situation for patrol and don't let to enemy to get close to landed Mi-17 that awaits for complete loading. But, if it need Mi-24 can to touch the ground too.

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