Zanin Anton
(Public Guest)
10/26/08 05:31 AM
Re: Using a helicopter as a ground attack bomber

Dear Jack, this video is fragment of actual documental movie from Russian site that callings something like "face of war" (impossible to translate it directly). Actually this movie never was airied on TV because of actual explict scenes and comments of soldiers.
This fragment shows attack on terrorists (Chechen fanatics with Taleban mercenaries) who on invaded to Dagestan in 1999 and when Russian army with Dagestan civilians begans to return fire.

This is translations of radio traffic and comments of journalist:

Radio voice: - Incoming?
Voice of soldier: - Over there! Don't let them run!
Comments of journalist: - Few of that [terrorists] who will survive after all of this would retreat hidely and will run back to territory of Chechnya for regroup.
Voice radio: - Understood. We have here 3 of hardly injured, 5 with medium wounds. As i understood they runned right cross their own minefield there [he talking about terrorists]. We urgently need an aircraft for medevac them.
Voice radio 2 (helicopter): - Team 29, this is 93th. Affirmative.
Voice radio 3 (operator): - Sorry guys, it's impossible. Hold on them there and wait some, please. I just transfered your call to airfield.
Voice of soldier: - What a sh*t... I suspect there will be no aircraft for evacuation even somebody of our guys would be injured. This "it's impossible" as always...

- End of video (i especially didnt translated explicts).

P.S. Foto with BRDM-2 with 57mm rocket launcher looks cool. :D

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