Zanin Anton
(Public Guest)
10/25/08 03:41 PM
Re: Using a helicopter as a ground attack bomber

Dear Bob!

Actually i never heard Russian Air forces used airbombs from helicopters after 1991. Of cause FABs and BABs was desigened for assault aircrafts in Soviet Union but it was used in first period of Afghanistan war only. I had to see training bombings when served in army but our Mi-24s there used dummy bombs only and even at that time everybody talked it's absolutely useless weapon for attack helicopters.

As You said it's pretty stupid tactics to use airbombs from helicopters when we need to appear up on heads of enemies. Of cause Mi-24 are heavily armored "junk monster", infantry rifles and heavy machineguns are almost useless against it. Stingers can to be threaty only to "naked" Mi-24 (practice shows it in Chechnya in 1999 - i had to see how terrorists launched SAM to one of our helicopters right by my eyes). Completely equipped Mi-24 can just to ignore most of SAMs because of it's mostly "doesn't sees" it. Only manually guided SAMs can to be real danger. But... there's much more dangerous weapon against helicopters that plannings to use bombs - FLAKS. Chechens had some of ZU-23-2 Flak guns and guys from Torzhock losts one Mi-24 right because of this old weapon that can be very effective if to use it cleverly.

So, airbombs for Mi-24 are something like "unnecessary" weapon in modern Russian Air forces i think.

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