Zanin Anton
(Public Guest)
10/25/08 07:45 AM
Re: Using a helicopter as a ground attack bomber

What guys are mechanics team of this helicopter? 30 days of iron box to all of this dumbs! Pylon looks scarier than nuclear war...

As i remember i had to see foto of Apache with bombs that looked like CBU-94/102 (at least appearance of bomb was something like that but bomb was more little, i think) but i don't sure.

Dear Jack, looks likes somebody cheated You. That bomb on photo are OFAB-250-270. Do You see blue ribbon on bomb? It's dummy. I wonder why Russian army needs to use "export monkey toy" Mi-25 (external claw can be used for "Shturm" only) in Georgia and bomb Saakashvilian agressors with dummy of dumbfire bomb that can be used against fortifications only...
And that name... ABTOP - Ognyan Stefanov - name looking like "russian alike" name from Hollywood movie about "cruel russkies". In real life this surname are doesn't exists because of there's hard mistake of Russian language mean-fonetics (special term for Russian language) structure. Name looking like Armenian, but with mistake too...
Where from did you got this foto?

Ah! Dear Jack! Almost forgot! Sometimes people thinks this is bombs too:

(This is really foto from Abchazia. Mi-24 "Encephalitis-86" of 201th "Swamp shining" brigade and Abchazian civilian resistance soldiers on western wall of Codoori valley.)

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