Scott Dunham (RDU)
(Top Gun)
02/09/16 06:09 PM
Re: L.A. Arrests, Charges Two Drone Operators

I used that app down at our new digs in NC, and it turns out that before I fly my drone I have to notify Mr. Womble, who owns an "R" airport 4.5 miles from our house. Or at least I think he does - looking at it on Google Earth, about half of the "runway" is now a cultivated field.

I wonder if these poor farmers are going to know what to make of getting phone calls from every drone flyer within 5 miles.

I have a bit of an advantage in that I know how to find airport owner information. The app doesn't provide any contact help, and the average hobby shopper isn't likely to be familiar with the arcania of FAA documentation. I'm not so sure this is practical.

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