John O'Shaughnessy [FCM]
(Top Gun)
02/09/16 01:40 PM
Re: L.A. Arrests, Charges Two Drone Operators


I'm also curious about the Fedss interpretation (and the City's) about a "Airport". I wonder if heliports qualify. Complicating the issue, while most people know about airports, I don't know as they'd know about helipads in the area. Which raises a question of how the individuals were to know they were flying in a prohibited area.

The new "B4UFly" App from the FAA does include heliports.

Of course, it gets back to the very same question about registration of drones, etc. Those likely to register drones, are likely to know about and check this App, and (at least) know when they are in an area of concern. It's all the other folks who are likely to cause issues...

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