Tom Charlton
(Top Gun)
02/05/16 01:11 AM
Re: Disney Wants Drones...


We used to fly into Meigs a lot back in the 80s. Some days our folks would walk to the office. ( Canteen Corporation was a subsidiary of Transworld Corp. ).

Hi Jeff,
Me too, back long bout 1968/9. Beach 18s and a Rice Rocket. Out’a KPKB we had a contract to fly Marbon people (subsidiary of Dupont). Chicago, Detoilet and other places round the Midwest. In decent wx Meigs was a sweet airport. Hmm . . . an overnight in Chicago usually snagged me a steak dinner on the company.

Can you imagine the ATC tower guys show’n up for work that morning? What the . . . heck?

Tom Charlton (edited to add that . . . Amazon could deliver steaks via drones)<g>

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