Sean Franklin
(Top Gun)
01/14/09 08:11 PM
Re: Another attempt at....

Saw the booth at Oshkosh past 2 years. They have some VERY bright people doing the design, they were fairly swamped this year but in 2007 I spent a good bit of time talking to them and came away very impressed.

Their premise is that (a) you can take your airplane home with you, eliminating hangar expenses; and (b) you can fly VFR and land when necessary to drive through weather, eliminating the problem of being stuck somewhere for WX.

Point (b) strikes me as the "magic bullet" of this product. How many of us, prior to instrument ratings (or even with instrument ratings), have had to "cool our heels" somewhere on a trip for hours or days waiting for weather to improve? I remember coming home from St. Louis in a rented Skyhawk with a freshly-minted private cert in my wallet, and being stuck in Terre Haute, IN for several hours while my instructor's wife drove him there to help me fly home IFR. With this airplane, I'd have flown to Terre Haute and then just driven the rest of the way home myself, plus I'd have saved a lot of money in instructor fees & expenses.

Also imagine the $100 hamburger - you don't have to worry about crew car availability!

If you buy into the proposal that LSA will be a large segment of the aviation world, which means VFR by definition, then the TerraFugia offers utility that no other design can touch. Certainly they have TREMENDOUS challenges ahead, but I think these guys might just have what it takes to succeed where others have not.

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