Joe Budge (W29)
(Top Gun)
01/02/07 07:01 PM
Re: Flying Fish!

<< There are that many Raptor canopies already discarded??? >>

Yeah, there were a few things in that story which strained my credulity gauge. In addition to the canopy: With only 20 seconds under water, WTF are you going to find out via radio or video about surface conditions that will change your decision to surface or not? Then whatinell are you going to do if the answer is "No"? Also what does that 300HP engine do to the air supply in the vehicle while you're underwater?

Nonetheless it looks like a hoot. I can think of a couple of deserted deepwater lakes where it'd be perfect. Ramona would have a blast in it, if she could just get over the mosquitoes out there.


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