Tom Tyson [SUW]
(Glider Guider)
09/26/06 03:41 PM
Re: HEY Gunney - RC Flying: an indoor sport?


... how long until someone does the prop reverser trick ...

True enough! it's one thing to hang on a prop in a climb, but to hover in the middle of a dive?????

(Hey Gunney!!! Wanna put a PT-6 with a 10' four paddle blade prop in your Extra 300?)

What this video was best at was demonstrating what can be done with an aircraft with an approximately zero weight to aero surface area ratio and approximately infinite power to weight ratio.

I'd HATE to be the pilot in something like that - I have a feeling that some of those maneuvers, even for the model, were + and - 15 or more Gs.

- TT

OH, did anyone else pick up on the opening music being the same as the "Twin Ring Motegi Honda Air Show" video that was making the rounds a few years ago?

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