Bob Dubner
(Super Imperial Member)
12/27/17 04:24 PM

Larry, that's a very good suggestion.

I am not familiar with the specific possibility that one of Microsoft's
browsers might be able to do the rendering for me. It's not easy to do a Web
search for it. I gave it a shot, but anything involving "render HTML" leads
to roughly a billion pages about Web page design and HTML standards.

Microsoft's Foundation Classes *does* have a thing called the CHtmlEditCtrl
class, which, according to the documention, does what you describe: You
create a control in the application's window, and you can point that control
at a bunch of HTML text, and the control renders that HTML.

Possibly that's what you heard about. It would make sense that the MFC
implementation would hook into the same operating system code that
Microsoft's browsers use. That doesn't mean Microsoft is doing it, but it
would make sense.

I was planning on seeing if that would work for me. But then I realized
that even if it worked the way I hoped it would (which isn't a sure thing
when Microsoft is involved) when I was done the results would look and
function very much much like Mike Overly's "New Since Last Visit" search

About all I could add would be more keyboard navigation, and the ability to
work offline. Still no Mac, iOS, or Android functionality.

And the size and demographics of my potential customer base remains ludicrous.

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