Nancy Zeitlin [HPN]
(AVSIG Member)
12/27/17 10:26 AM
Re: TapCIS R.I.P.

<BIG sigh!!>
Okay, I ‘fess up to being an anachronism, but I will truly miss the Tap* paradigm. I will miss the offline operation because I still spend nontrivial amounts of time offline. I will miss the concise ability to read new messages while maintaining the ability to walk back in a thread. I will miss the pure keyboard operation. I will miss the ability to easily insert quotes line by line, facilitating the maintenance of context. And so much more.

But, as you pointed out, time marches on. You’ve done far more to keep the Tap* paradigm functional than anyone could reasonably expect. And it has REALLY been appreciated. I was dragged away from it, kicking and screaming, by an unfortunate series of undesired events, but so be it.

Thank you again for your efforts. You made a tough decision, but the right one, IMO.

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