Bob Dubner
(Super Imperial Member)
12/26/17 03:31 PM

Randy, it's too soon to be frustrated.

You answered my first question perfectly; I didn't know if you were using a
PC or a Mac; now I do.

In its own way, your second answer is perfect, too. I just used my wife's
Macbook Pro to access with both Apple Safari and Google

They both worked just fine. That tells me that you are probably doing
something that seems reasonable and logical, but which happens to be wrong.

Since John O'S is going to make a stab at being in your neck of the woods,
I'm going to back down now and see if he can fix you up.

Failing that, there's some software that you can easily install on your
computer that will let you authorize me, or John, or whoever to remotely
control your computer.

Hey, John! When you're there, and assuming Randy is willing, install
TeamViewer on Randy's machine. And put a shortcut to Applications/TeamViewer
on his desktop.

That ought to help with some of this stuff. God, can you imagine the wear
and tear on Deakin we could have avoided if he could have gotten at your
computer remotely!

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