Mike OverlyAdministrator
(Hangar Rat w/Buttons)
12/25/17 08:01 PM
Re: TapCIS R.I.P.

At last check Mr. Dubner was trying to sling code at the new place which entailed 136 lines to reproduce a seven-word quoteback in Courier. That’s cruel and unusual punishment, even for Bob.

I add my thanks for all Bob’s work keeping the TAP interface working for our TapFolk. This was more than a programming parlor trick: it was a lifeline to some of our pioneering members.

One of the issues that hampered Bob’s Tap experimenting on Sig III was the existence of the “Comment” feature, which allows other users to place messages “on” messages as comments instead of separate replies in a thread. This is a feature we can turn off if it gets confusing or kludgy, but for now it looks like a way to post off-topic messages to a given user rather than derailing a thread with an actual reply. These “comments” do not sort out as new messages, so they are only seen if you are clicking through a thread. I’d be interested in thoughts on keeping or 86ing the Comment option from those who have experimented in the new forum.

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