Bob Dubner
(Super Imperial Member)
12/21/17 01:36 AM
IT humor

Garden State Parkway was set up that way. 25-cent tolls every few miles, and
when the bond issues were paid off, the tolls would end.

Eventually it reached a point where the tolls didn't quite cover the costs of
collecting the tolls, never mind the bonds.

At that point they started raising the rates, eventually getting rid of half
the toll booths and doubling the rates, and so on. But they'll never go
away; at some point it was noticed that the road requires maintenance. What
a surprise!

Now I have EZ-Pass, and I basically pretend that there aren't any tolls
anywhere. It removes a lot of stress. Cripes, I crossed the GW Bridge twice
in the last two days, and drove about 400 miles on the NY Thruway. I don't
even want to think about the tolls -- and with EZ-Pass, I don't have to.

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