Ray Tackett
(Top Gun)
12/11/17 06:38 AM
Win 10 networking

Last idea from my aging brain: Might you have lost a network drive mapping
which was supposed to have been persistent? E.g. net use w: \\isolde\wagner
... /persistent:yes

I have one machine which has a batch script in its startup group. The first
thing the script does is map a non-persistent drive to sync itself with
another machine. Sometimes the networking doesn't come fast enough for the
script. Perhaps the DHCP client doesn't do its job quickly enough.
Rerunning the script manually right away fixes the problem.

Dunno how it looks on W10, but on my ancient home planet, My Network Places,
View, Refresh might offer a clue. For example, the other systems might
disappear when you do that.

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