Ralph Jones
(Top Gun)
12/10/17 05:33 PM
Win 10 networking

Here's a Windows networking problem that's been giving me fits since the switch to Win 10. There are four Win 10 hosts on my network: HELOISE, BOUDICCA, GILGAMESH and HIPPOLYTA. There is also a Linux/Samba host, ABELARD. All hosts are wired to a Netgear R7000 router except HELOISE which is on Wifi, and all can access the Internet without problems.

BOUDICCA, HELOISE and HIPPOLYTA can access the other two freely in Windows File Explorer. But GILGAMESH, while it sees all the host icons, can't access ABELARD or HIPPOLYTA. Clicking on them gives error 0x80070035, "network path not found".

Every host can ping every other host, by name or IP, and every Win host can Putty into ABELARD.

All the Win hosts are running the same Kaspersky installation, and turning its firewall off has no effect.

Googling the error number produces several pages of results, most of which come down to enabling NetBIOS over TCP/IP, which I've done without result.


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