John O'Shaughnessy [FCM]
(Top Gun)
10/31/16 11:14 PM
Re: WAN Only?



I have never had Indian support from Comcast.

And they have been very helpful and competent.

Ah! You've never had to configure a cable card, eh?

Two things -- I learned about the Comcast Cable Card Hotline. I don't know if it still exists, but the one time I called it (last December) the support was fast, in English, and correct!

Also - when dealing with Comcast and others of their ilk, I take a stiff shot of tequila, then use the on-line chat. That way, I can multi-task (and take more shots) as I deal with their support people.

As much fun as it is to bash the cable providers, I have to admit that my Comcast (and predecessor) service has been very good. Expensive, but stable and reliable. A couple of weeks ago I noticed some channels (not all) getting pixelated. As this had happened before, I started to trace the cable. Of course, my friendly neighborhood rabbits had nearly chewed completely through the cable. The center core and just a little bit of the braided shielding was connected. I initiated an online chat. Ran through some questions, convinced them that the bad cable was the likely culprit, and had a technician visit scheduled for the next day (a Saturday). The guy who showed up had been with Comcast and the predecessors since 2000. As you might imagine, he was quite good at his job. He replaced the cable and then scheduled the next crew to come out and bury the cable. They showed up on schedule about 4 days later. I told them about the rabbits, and they put two layers of thick PVC shielding, topped off with silicone caulk, on the exposed parts of the cable as it enters my house.

Overall, while I do grumble about the cost, I've been a satisfied cable customer since 1989.


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