John O'Shaughnessy [FCM]
(Top Gun)
10/30/16 12:18 AM
Re: WAN Only?


Is there a way to lock a device out of the LAN and still let it use WAN?

Yes, but...

Most consumer routers don't support it.

Most consumer devices consist of a router/switch/firewall/WiFi Access Point. Getting all of those features in a single box, often for under $100 is really quite impressive compared to the equipment required to put that together 20 years ago.

What you need is the capability to add a second LAN network that can be routed to the WAN (and vice-versa) but not routed to the other local LAN network. Some router firmware can handle that. I'm not familiar with your device, and whether it can do that.

The only other hope is to check to see if your router supports a separate "Guest" network. Often that is a pre-canned method to do the same thing.

ASUS routers, for example, support this.


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