Ward Miller POU-NY
(Top Gun)
08/04/16 02:27 PM
Password Security....should you change it often?

OK, employer's non-disclosure data has a password need, but I've never been
involved in such so personally I don't care.

>> My . . . CC data is important to me. <<

Me too, but four (4!) times my CC data has been hacked while in possession of
CC sub-contractors. My passwords were never involved. In several other and
different cases a total of about $12,000 has been falsely charged to my
various CC accounts. I have no idea how they found my CC numbers, but again
my passwords were not involved.

I may over state my position (as usual <g>), but in virtually all cases in my
life passwords and the rules applying to them are needlessly and grossly more
complex than the value of the data they are proposing to protect.

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