Ward Miller POU-NY
(Top Gun)
08/03/16 10:50 PM
Password Security....should you change it often?

Scott, a couple of comments.

1) What are the odds of you, or me, or the guy down the block getting hit by
a hacker? I submit we are more likely to become involved in an automobile
accident, with the potential for far more serious results.

2) What do we have on our computers, or in password protected links to other
data, that would REALLY be serious if a hacker got to it? I learned many
years ago, never write anything you would not want on the front page of
tomorrow's NYT. Perhaps my most precious data is found in my brokerage and
bank accounts. All of those agencies I deal with I trust to (eventually)
make things right if someone other than I moves stuff around.

I have a list of about 60 sites I log onto where I am required to have a
password. They are literally procedural in nature. My life would hardly
change if any, or all, of my data at those sites were made public. A hacker
could mess up my data files, but that is why I have backups.

In my view, passwords mostly prevent me from logging on to the wrong account,
or someone else accidentally logging on to mine.

If all the energy expended on passwords and their use was instantly converted
to cancer research we would have a cure for it tomorrow.

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