Ray Tackett
(Top Gun)
12/26/15 03:30 PM

Never heard of that one, but "spion" is German for "spy". "Media" implies
it's an advertising outfit. I usually put such junk in my /etc/hosts (Unix)
or C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts (XP) like so: www.google-analytics.com www.google-analytics.net www.doubleclick.com spion-media.eu

Such entries map the name on the right to the IP address on the left. The
hosts file is read before going out to an internet DNS server to resolve the
name to an IP address. IP address is a hard-coded reference to the
machine you're using at the moment. It's a defined component of the IP
protocol, so it applies to every network-capable machine.

Let's say a site I visit uses Google Analytics to track me. What happens
when the page's javascript makes the call is the same as resolving any other
internet name. However, instead of using DNS to find the real IP address,
the name resolves instantly to my own machine. On my machine, there is no
such URL and the connection fails right away. The overall effect is to
disable Google Analytics.

Make sure to use an admin account to set your hosts file to read-only after
making any edits. Some malicious sites will try to tamper with the file.

I also recommend the "adblock plus" and "click&clean" browser extensions.

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