Terry Carraway
(Top Gun)
12/15/15 02:56 PM
Re: Help with Excel

The older versions of Access were also very easy to slap something together.

And Access has always been good about starting something, and making changes on the fly to make it work better for you. I worked in dBase and rBase back in the day, and those required some design time before you started building your database. And if you screwed up the design, many times you really were better off starting over.

It may not have looked like it, but as always been easier to whip up a small database with reports and queries, than doing the same thing in Excel.

I used to teach a 1 day Intro to Access course at our professional conference. And had people up and running a small relational database in that time frame. And the morning was more about database design concepts, as many people needed to know enough to talk to the programmers.

I stopped, one reason was that each version of Access was different enough, that it was difficult to do exercises in class and deal will all the different versions.

I taught doing tables in Design View. Forms and Reports using the Wizards, and Queries in Design view.

I was amazed though, some people made managed to make databases in Excel with 15,000+ records. But at the end of the day, they were convinced that it would have been easier to start in Access.

The one thing I do not like about Access for other than personal use is, if you change something in a record, it is changed in the database. No saving, no asking if you want to save changes. If you accidentally type something a field, that is what is now in the database, and what used to be there is GONE.

You can program the form to ask about Saving and then saving or not, but IMO, that should be built in.

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