sreyoB yrraL
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12/15/15 11:18 AM
Re: Help with Excel


I'm still on Office 2003, not a big upgrader.

I'm somewhere in between. I stuck with Office 2000 until Outlook 2000 wouldn't run correctly on the current version of Windows (don't remember exactly when that was) so I bought Outlook 2007 and continued using the Office 2000 for the rest. When I bought this computer, which came with Win 8.1, I upgraded to an Office subscription which, initially, gave me Office 2013 and just recently upgraded to Office 2016.

I hadn't looked at Access in many years. After reading the comments here I opened up Access 2016 and the UI has changed significantly. It looked a lot more intuitive to me but I don't have any db experience so am not really a good judge. What I noticed was that it looked like I could jump in and start making a database when, with the old version, I had no idea what to do with it to get started.

I've always done light db projects in Excel as Excel is what I know. Always wanted to learn to use a real db program but never did. The advantage of Excel was that I could get something working very quickly. The Access 2016 UI looks like it would do the same. Don't know how well it would work for a serious db programmer.

Sal Khan's Hour of Code includes a module on db programming. Maybe I should give that a try...

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