Russell Holton
(AVSIG Member)
11/30/15 06:29 PM
Re: We are the Borg


but if W7 works, why?

  • The free W7 to W10 upgrade is only for one year.
  • End of W7 is about 4 years out. Undoubtedly, that will signal software that will no longer work under W7.
  • If you're the "go to" person for any kind of IT function, be it family or for a paycheck, it would be wise to get W10 experience.
  • Indications are, that W10 has been compiled to be more secure.
  • It's there.
  • We're geeks. Do we need a reason? <g>

And in other news, the Raspberry Pi organization has announced a new model: The Pi Zero. Cost: $5. (SD card, cables, case, power supply sold separately.) <g>

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