Robert Mann [HPN-NY]
(AVSIG Member)
01/22/07 07:25 AM
Re: DSL woes


Thanks for that explanation. I currently have FIOS. I was happy when I heard it was available in my area. You're right - it is DAMN fast. I've seen 1MB/sec downloads. I haven't compared it to Cable or DSL here, because FIOS is all I've been using since I moved here. But I had both cable and DSL in Florida, and the FIOS is A LOT faster. I haven't noticed the aggregation problem with FIOS either. We have a wireless network at home and sometimes there are two machines downloading at once, but still, not a noticeable problem. With cable and DSL, I noticed it constantly.

Best part: my current FIOS service is costing me about 1/3 less than what DSL was costing me in Florida. (But everyone knows how inexpensive everything is around NY)

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