Ed Williams [PHOG]
(Top Gun)
01/19/07 01:16 PM
Re: DSL woes

DSL runs on a higher frequency band than the audio on your phone - totally inaudible - nevertheless the presence of all this high-frequency hash can easily screw up your phone/fax/modems etc. on the phone line.
The original implementation of DSL (which I have) splits the audio and DSL signals at the point of entry. The audio went to your POTs phones and they had to install new wires to your DSL terminal. Nowadays, to avoid this rewiring, they have you put filters (blocking the DSL) on all your POTs lines and only leave the DSL jack unfiltered. It apparently works - but expect you get a cleaner signal the old way.

I'm in the peculiar position that I've had DSL for about seven years, but if I tried to get it now I couldn't get it. I'm out at the limit of the workable distance from the exchange and nowadays they don't want to do the troubleshooting required to get it to work. So if I type in my address on the website it tells me DSL is not available... It won't let me try to upgrade to faster (and cheaper) service either. Sigh.

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