Joe Budge (W29)
(Top Gun)
01/19/07 08:05 AM
Re: DSL woes

DSL connections can be quite noise-sensitive, and some DSL equipment handles it better than others. Had all manner of problems with the connection at our last house. It took about 10 months of repeated calls to the ISP to eventually get it diagnosed as a bad wire pair in the underground phone cable to the house. At the new house we had the opposite problem: one day DSL worked but voice didn't. Again the cure was to switch wire pairs.

At the new house we also had connection issues similar to yours: in bad weather we'd have dropouts that would last for hours. One day someone nearby took a lightning strike and the pulse blew out our DSL modem. We had to buy another one from the ISP - but we've not had any problems since.

When DSL starts acting funny you just never know. Call & complain. They might not find anything - but then if you keep calling and build up a record they may eventually get the idea there's a real problem.

Shrug. I'm not going back to dial-up, and I've seen what happens to cable when all the teenagers get home from school and bog it down. Supposedly FIOS is coming to our neighborhood this year - that might be interesting.


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