Richard Duxbury (Dux)
(Top Gun)
11/05/17 12:48 PM
Re: Boeing To Build More 767s?

Well, it was only in jest that I mentioned the A-330 tanker. Of course our USAF will use a USA product -just like the old Air Force One;s (B-747-200) will not be replaced by A-380 birds.

I'm an Arizona voter for 15 years. No, did not vote for fellow retired navy pilot John McCain -however he has done a lot for vets and the VA.

It looks like the long term cost of jet fuel is under control. Perhaps the older (less fuel efficent) B-767 at a good price might be a wise consideration.

Regards, and around Tucson we sometimes see refueling C-130 aircraft. No, the do not refuel over Tucson =but we see the aircraft.


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