Bill Bridges - 9S1
(Top Gun)
12/09/09 04:52 PM
Re: PANC-VHHH at FL400



Well they must have indeed been light to get to that altitude any time after takeoff.

I went back and looked at some of the flight numbers. For example CX freighters normally have two digit flight numbers such as 91. There are some with four digits such as 2091.This would lead me to believe that the four digit flight numbers are extra freight runs for the holidays. If I was guessing they are coming in from VHHH full of Holiday cheer for the big PX, and going home mostly empty. As you know IOUs don't weigh much. This would be a good case study for the trade deficits/balance of payments study. Most likely a direct correlation between the altitude of freighters flying between PANC and VHHH and the trade deficit. High and empty going west, and low and heavy going east. The logic is pure. :-).


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