Bruce Gorrell [EQY]
(Top Gun)
11/05/09 09:29 PM
Re: 495 pilot furloughs

We are hopeful, but the triage here started too late. We still have quite a few "unassigned aircraft" and with the market starting to pick up, they are starting to sell them off. They are getting rid of the BBJ's, all of the Ultras and Encores and the Honeywell equipped Hawker 800XPs. That's a lot of aircraft and at a manning formula of 5 pilots per aircraft is a lot of pilots.

Sales, of both shares and of Marquis cards, are picking up and we're entering the busy time of the year (thus the furloughs effective January 16th) and I hope it keeps increasing.

We see some light, and we don't don't hear a whistle, so I think we may be able to avoid any more furloughs.

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