nehoC hctiM
(Top Gun)
10/19/09 03:54 PM
Re: Pilots Sleeping on the Job


From what I have seen in 10 years, your mileage may vary.

Everyone is different.

Still, 15-20 min seems to refresh most people.

Jumpseating cross the USA on every major carrier, and even some freight carriers, one thing I see is that naps happen.

There are more crucial periods in 121 flying. I have never seen a pilot take a short snooze during these crucial periods.

Knowing what I know, I'd prefer a pilot be 100% during takeoff and approach, landing phases of flight.

The NTSB and many other that have conducted research on this topic, seem to know more than the FAA. Oh reminds me, some FAA dudes nap out while doing line checks. How could THAT be safe?

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