J. Wiley
(Aviation Researcher)
10/15/09 07:22 PM
Re: Tough Approach


John -- That seems to be a common thread in many accidents.

Told this before but we were going into DFW one evening and we had been rerouted over Waco coming from CLT because of the wx. We finally got near DFW and as we dropped out of the bottom of the clouds I saw what looked like BIG ground fire. I then realized what I was seeing was the transformers blowing up. There was a lot of lightning in the area and the two guys in front of us went around. It came our turn and I advised the F/O to tell APP that we were going to hold for about :15. The F/O later said he agreed but wanted to know my reasoning. I said there was NO upside to making the approach and that if we had to go-around the first question would be why? Especially since two in front of us had missed. I just wanted the deck reshuffled before I played. We made the approach later with no problem but the two aircraft behind us also went around. ??

Being somewhat of a crusty old **** (supply your own word) I have used "Unable" more in the last few years. It usually causes some surprise but it just ain't worth it. Especially considering how litigious we have gotten.

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