J. Wiley
(Aviation Researcher)
11/05/06 03:38 PM
Re: Current thinking on deadheading in the cockpit


Ours is historical pay for that leg.
For example, SFO to ORD is about 4 hrs.
If the flight is delayed, and takes 5 hrs 30 min due to holding, flow, delays, we get paid 4 hrs.
If early, we get paid 4 hrs.
The crusty old capt was telling us, that his union and airline both, count omc or jumpseat as duty time and the FAA considered it on duty hence towards total time flying for the day since you were considered a CrewMember.
The required, on non required aspect wasnt even a factor, according to Capt Crusty.

Yep, things keep changing. We had a weasel who changed the software in the ACARs unit so you had to reach Xmph and move x distance before it would log you off the gate FOR PAY. Inbound, it would often lop off a few minutes if you were parked waiting for a gate.

As for leg pay, however, it was scheduled or what you flew if longer. The idea was that if you were ahead of schedule, you would reduce your enroute speed and save fuel but in very few cases were you to punch it up and try to recover lost time with increased Mach.

And too, at times even the FAA didn't know what was and was not duty time. The company for a while said that if you got 24hrs on a layover, it met the requirement for 24 in 7. The FAA hemmed and hawed for a while looking the other way until the issue was pressed and then the FAA said, "Nope.. it is not time OFF...it counts." Still some schedulers would try to talk guys into buying that stale piece of meat.

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