Richard Duxbury (Dux)
(Top Gun)
11/02/06 05:34 AM
Re: JetBlue Fatigue Experiment

Hi John. You are correct.

The B757 was a nice glider compared to the 727. However, we never used full flaps on our NWA 727's.

I almost always used speed brakes at various points in the decent and approach with the 757. -and made one go around because we could not get it slowed down from a slam dunk visual to DTW. It would have been a piece of cake with a 727!

As to this fatigue experement, I bet that NASA and others have vast books about the subject of aviation fatigue. Probably also the USAF -not so sure my good ole navy gave it much thought however.

At NWA we almost refused to fly a couple versions of B747-200 because of terrible crew rest facilities. Company improved them a little but the basic design was poor at best. I think we got them from Saudia or some rich desert country.

I think some airlines block off a first class seat for off duty pilots, which is not really a very good resting place.

OK, back again for my "NASA nap". Then start our drive to Tucson tomorrow leaving cold Minneapolis to Randy.



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