J. Wiley
(Aviation Researcher)
11/02/06 04:40 AM
Re: JetBlue Fatigue Experiment


John -- I marvelled many times at that wing coming apart on approach from my
august spot sitting in coach.

Isn't it just magnificent when you're one with the airplane, and all the right stuff happens (speeds, configurations, touchdown) almost magically
without much conscious thought? It makes my day (or night), every time it all comes together.

Many guys never did a flaps 40 landing because they claimed the Seven-Two would fall out of the sky. Not so but it was a different machine. With 40, it used practically no runway. Standard was flaps 30 but now most operators have blocked off 30 and 40 and use 25 for landing due to noise. I almost always used 40 going into LGA and DCA.

And yes, magnificent. I have on more than a few occasions patted the airplane before getting out of the cockpit and muttered, "Thanks.. I enjoyed that."

Also on a few occasions, I have had to apologize. <G> Like someone said, "Some days you just can't do anything wrong and other days you couldn't find your ass with a triple GPS and 6 check airmen."

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