Joe Budge (W29)
(Top Gun)
11/02/06 02:39 AM
Re: JetBlue Fatigue Experiment


On the other hand, you could come into the pattern clean, set about 2800lbs on each engine. When it slowed to 210, drop flaps 1. It would slow more and at 190 go flaps 5. Approaching the glideslope, drop the gear at 1 dot and go flaps 15. Intercept the glideslope and go flaps 30 and NEVER touch the thrust levers.

I was in coach for one of those rides. We came across Denver fairly high - you could see the airport way down there. In this instance the pilot brought the center engine to idle, leaving the other two humming along. Hearing one engine winding down got my attention. The rest of the approach was as you describe with flaps, slats, and gear falling out at appropriate times. No throttles - it was awesome. Third engine came back on-line for short final.


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