J. Wiley
(Aviation Researcher)
11/01/06 11:31 AM
Re: JetBlue Fatigue Experiment


John -- Well, he was thinking out of the box. <G>
I remember flying on PI LAX-CLT, and then on to ILM, in November 1988 coming back home from a business trip with a stop in ILM to look at this Archer I
had seen advertized in TAP. Ended up buying the Archer and flying it home after Thanksgiving, and loved it dearly.

The standard briefing for the 727 going to the west coast was, "...if anything happens, open all 3 dumps and dump down to 3000 across the board or until we are back on short final."

We are always at max gross and takeoff usually used MOST of the runway. Damn.. I loved flyin' that airplane. Unlike the 737 which could go down or slow down but not both, the 727 could do almost anything you asked of it. While I never did it, I know guys who hit the marker well north of 250kts and made a *stabilized* approach by the time they were at 500ft.

The 727 was one of the truly great flying machines and I am privileged to have flown it.

How long did you keep the Archer??

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