J. Wiley
(Aviation Researcher)
11/01/06 09:16 AM
Re: JetBlue Fatigue Experiment


John -- I am certain that the JFK FSDO is the source of a lot of egg on the old FAA visage. They'd have a darn tough time prosecuting any case with the approval of the FAA's chief ops guy for JBU. <G>

No doubt... it will be interesting to see what happens.

Back in the Piedmont days, we had a exce-wannabe who thought he could elevate his status in the company by some creative scheduling. We had a 727 headed to the west coast that was late and no crew on the west coast legal to bring it back. The trip out and back would easily exceed the max scheduled limit of 8 hours...

So, our boy-wizard decided to use an 'augmented' crew. Good for international flights but nowhere near legal for domestic.

He got his wee-wee wacked for that one.

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